Sunday, November 11, 2012

October Part 2

Haunted Houses, they did it all by themselves, it was so cute!
 Matthew and blueberries and milk.  He eats SOOO much and always makes a huge mess.
 Caleb's haunted house.
 While Mom and Dad Cooper were here, Tyson and Dad rebuilt the carport.  The boys had WAY too much fun "helping" and it was so much fun seeing Tyson working doing manly things.  He is just so stinking attractive.

 Caleb and Dad Cooper napping.
 Josh and Logan playing.

 After a long day of "helping" with the carport, Caleb passed right out.
 Caleb got a new big wheel for his birthday, but Matthew has totally claimed it as his own.  He just stared at it with his mouth wide open for the first five minutes and hasn't left it alone since.  :)
 Carport progress.
 3 generations of hard workers.
 Mmmmm.  See what I mean?

 Halloween.  Caleb was Woody.
 Josh was Captain America with a cool homemade shield by Grandma.

 Josh hanging out with Andrew, Logan's older brother.  Josh adores him.
 Halloween, Matthew was a chicken.  Hilarious and totally adorable.
 And Logan was a clown.  They were so cute!!  And I totally love the parent candy tax.
 Halloween crash.  We found Josh behind his dresser asleep.
 View from the carport.  I am so lucky, we live in such a perfect place.  I have such a perfect life.  I was sitting up here with Tyson as he finished roofing and I thought to myself, this is the view the angels have of our place.  It just gave me a different perspective and it made me ever more thankful for the life I have.  Gorgeous part of the world we live in.  Like that song though "the best view in from my front porch looking in."  :)

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  1. I love it! How did Josh managed to get behind his dresser? lol And the new carport looks awesome. Way to go, Tyson!