Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October part 1

So I have TONS of pictures, because I don't write enough and pictures help me remember what goes on in our lives.  Plus anytime the boys feel cute they go "Mom, take a picture of this, k?"

 Tyson's brother, Zach, was super nice and sent Tyson lots of Guarana (spelling?), a kind of soda they have in Brazil that Tyson had on his mission and LOVES.  So this is Tys and the boys celebrating.  So fun!  Thanks Zach, you totally made Tyson's week!
 The boys with Aunt Carmel, discovering the coolness of ring pops.  :)
 Taking notes during General Conference.  The boys wanted to make notebooks to take "notes" in which means drawing tons of pictures.  It was really cute.  I am so glad we have loud speakers too so we could hear conference over the babbling of little ones.  They get so excited to hear from the prophet too.  "It's President Monson!  Hooray!"  They also love Elder Bednar and President Uchdorf extra amounts too. 
 Before his first hair cut.
 We went to Apple Day at the Stonewall Jackson House.  They always have lots of fun crafts and games.  Caleb we have discovered LOVES artsy stuff.  And he takes it very seriously.  Note his tongue.  :)

 Matthew is finally getting used to wearing shoes.  My friend, Kate, sent him the cutest shoes, her style is awesome.  They are the only ones Matthew can walk in.  :)
 Josh dressing up a scarecrow.  Love the Confederate hat.  My Grandma would have been proud.

 Mom and Dad Cooper were here visiting for a few weeks.  It was so nice to have them here and we had lots of fun.  We wore them out pretty good too.  Three boys are bound to do that. 
 They brought marshmallow guns for the boys.  If you don't know what that is, I will have to take closer pics and post them.  It is awesome.  The marshmallows can leave welts.  Mom Cooper is brutal and the boys and Tys had tons of fun running around the yard trying not to get shot.  Hilarious!
 Josh "reading" his scriptures and marking them just like his Daddy.  So cute. 
More to come!

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  1. I'm so glad he can walk in those shoes!! I just love your cute little guys!! :)