Friday, February 3, 2012

Josh is a great mother, hehe

Matthew was screaming, not happy about his nap time, but I was letting him cry for a minute to get his anger out. Josh stands up from his toys and breaths this dramatic sigh and says, "Okay, I'll get him." Like he had to take a turn parenting or something, hilarious. So he leaves to go take care of Matthew and then Matthew stops crying and Josh doesn't come back. So I get a little nervous and tiptoe back to the room. There is Josh laying on my bed, holding Matthew's hand. And little Matthew is totally asleep.

I look at Josh and he says "Mama, he didn't want to be left alone."
"That is so sweet Josh. Okay, come on out, let's let him sleep."
"Mama, I can't leave him. He needs me."

Sweetest thing ever.

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