Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Life has been pretty crazy lately. I have been babysitting lots of different kids, getting involved in lots of clubs and activities, working with the girls in my calling, preparing lessons, not to mention taking care of my house, housework and my own kids and squeezing in time to help Tyson know I love him too. I used to think stay-at-home moms had so much time on their hands and were so lazy.

Well, it is true that I stay in my pajamas most days, but I have a lot of reasons for that. I don't have very many pairs of pants and I don't want to ruin them and they get holes in the knees way too fast when you spend most of the day on your hands and knees, cleaning and playing. Plus, pajamas are much more comfortable and it is less laundry to do. I conserve a lot of water by not showering everyday. And I conserve energy by sitting on the couch as much as I can.

Hehe, but no seriously, life has been crazy, and I know as the years continue, they will only get busier. I have been watching one little boy, we will call him "D", who is almost a year old, 3 times a week. It has been fun, a little bit of a challenge, but fun. This month is my month to teach preschool though, so I have been trying to exlpain to D's mom that babysitting D on preschool days is really hard and yet still let her know that I am capable of watching her kid. Anyways, so yesterday was the first day I taught preschool and so I had to get D and Caleb to a friend's house so they would be taken care of during preschool.

However, our car is still in the shop. Without my mom and dad and my visiting teachers, I would never have made it so long without a vehicle. So anyways, I took a long walk yesterday morning with four little kids. Matthew (almost 6 months) was attached to my front in the snuggly, D (9 months) in the stroller, Caleb (2) and Josh (4) walked alongside until Caleb got tired and he sat on the handlebar of the stroller. The walk was about 15 blocks, most of it slightly uphill, so no small stroll. I felt like I looked like one of those foreign families that somehow fit an entire family on a bicycle. It was hilarious.

I was pouting before I left to Tyson and he said that I would look back and laugh. It didn't even take that long, I laughed the whole walk. It was so funny and so good for me. Here I am thinking I life such a difficult life and how tough I am because no one else could do this. Ha.

Well, this morning I wake up to pouring rain and super loud thunder. Wow the Lord loves me and was watching over my whiny self. It was a gorgeous day yesterday and pretty warm for a February morning. None of the kids were sick, they were happy and obedient. And one of the other preschool moms let me borrow her car so I could get to preschool from where I dropped the kids off and back again. Then she squeezed us all in to take us home. Wow.

It is interesting that I think my life is so complicated and I look back and realize how fortunate I am and how few challenges I have. It was rather humbling this morning, seeing just how much the Lord's hand was in my life yesterday. It is true He loves us, each of us, and knows our challenges. He doesn't leave us alone in them. Even with the little things.

So, I am thankful for the thunder and rain this morning.


  1. K.. you are like super-mom. I'm seriously impressed! I don't know how in the world you handle three little boys and a baby!!

  2. You are amazing! And you're right, we are so blessed!! Love you chum :)

  3. Loved the post, especially the part about wearing pajamas all day, not showering, etc. I just went to JC Penny and they had pj bottoms on sale for $3. I picked Jason up two pair. He has just now discovered the comfort and practical side of wearing athletic pants and pjs through out the day.

    So excited to hear that you were able to get in such a great work out as you walked your 15 blocks with all the kiddos. We have had many a walks like that, just add a second double stroller and twice as many little ones. :)

    I'd love to hear more about your preschool stuff. We're home schooling now and I'm always looking for ideas. I've been sharing all my stuff at