Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here is to the brain of mechanics

I just have to say, I have never had so much respect for mechanics in my life. Our brother-in-law, Chris, used to help fix our cars all the time and we all knew he was pretty smart. But pretty much all day yesterday Tyson has been trying to fix our van. (Josh claims I broke it, and somehow it is true, whenever the car breaks, I am the one driving). So Tyson has been looking at youtube videos and talking to people and figuring out how to test the car to figure out what is the problem exactly. Good thing he understood what they were saying. I listened to a few videos and I thought my brain was going to collapse. It sounded just like calculus again. Numbers and words I have never heard before. I guess it takes a genius to fix a car and to understand all that lingo.

So to all you mechanics out there, thank you for being smart. I just hope we can find one that knows how to fix our car and doesn't charge an arm and a leg.

(Our car is overheating, even in the freezing temperatures outside. Sometimes it will be fine, and then suddenly spike to the red line, then cool way down again. Then spike again. Whatever it is, it is not cool, haha. So if you know what that might be, please pass on your genius)

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