Sunday, September 11, 2011

BM (Before Matthew) :)

These are just a few pictures from before Matthew that I haven't posted yet. And yes, this is where Josh fell asleep one day during lunch. Hilarious. :)

Josh loves his Aunt Mel. They are crazy together. I am so glad my family has moved here!

Playing in the puddles after a giant rainstorm.

Watching Little Einsteins.

Reading with their Daddy Guy after his morning walk. SO cute!


  1. oh man, those two are so cute together. how fun you'll have three to take pictures of together now!

  2. i LOVE the picture of your boys in front of the tv. and that photo of josh asleep is hilarious!! how did he fall asleep like that? oh boy, pictures like that make me very excited to have my own crazy childrens.