Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So it has been five days since Matthew was born. I have only been by myself with all three boys once, but it went pretty well. It seems like adjusting to three is easier than to two, but I'm not sure, it has only been so long. :)

Caleb seems to have grown into a giant, with chubby cheeks and he is so smart and capable, I didn't even realize it. And Josh, well, he is practically a grown up to me. Hehe, not really, but he seems so mature and helps so much. Except of course when he feels like not being helpful and then he is totally not. But hey, everybody has limits I suppose.

Having Tyson home is wonderful. He rough houses with Josh and Caleb and they love having him around. I'm afraid I am already too spoiled. He loves playing with Matthew too, which just makes me sorry for the little guy. He is so tiny, but we already treat him like he is a few months old. Poor kid.

But anyways, we are doing good. My body is healing fast and so is little Matthews. Caleb still refuses to get near Matthew, hence the reason we have no pictures with all the boys yet. Hopefully that will change soon. Josh is at preschool, Matthew is sleeping, Tyson went to work for a bit and Caleb and I are playing Cootie. :) Yup, that is about all in the Cooper home today.


  1. Congratulations!!! In my experience transitioning two to three was MUCH easier than the transition from one to two. After that it's a breeze, except the transition from five to six is tricky too. I'm not sure why! Enjoy your three boys!

  2. well...i'll be the one to suffer the one to two next. someones gotta do it now that your on two to three. I hope it all goes well for you, thanks for calling me today.love you