Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Virginia Beach

So for my Dove Chocolatiering, we had a team conference in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago. So, we went a family vacation. It was totally awesome! It was weird leaving Tyson with the boys and going off to meetings, since usually it is the other way around, but it was a lot of fun. The boys wore Tyson out, we were very glad to get home, but the beach was beautiful!! Here is a cheesy us picture. :) Note Tyson's totally hot new sunglasses that he got there. I am so glad he got them, he acts all cool when he wears them which totally cracks me up, not to mention he is so handsome. Yes, Caleb did fall asleep like this. We tried to get him to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag, but he and Josh switched.

Caleb LOVED the water. Tyson loved standing there with him, it was so cute to watch.

Josh however HATES water, totally weird I know. So even this close, he was not so happy. :) I thought it was funny though, I am such a mean mom.

Josh did love building sand castles, which was really cute. I love that he is getting so old and creative.

Tyson and the boys hanging out during the day, having fun without Mama. From what Tyson says, they were really great and obedient. I think I would have freaked watching them with all those people around by myself. But I did marry the most amazing man in the world, so what did I expect?

I escaped the group to hang out with my family during lunch. Sweet pizza place and the kids were so funny. Josh even fell over with his chair once, which was way too funny.

The trip was awesome! The kids were great and I loved going to the conference. I learned a lot and met some new hilarious people. Not to mention I got to eat the yummiest chocolate in the world. (Got to try the chocolate covered dried fruit, AMAZING!)

Hooray for family trips! Tyson is getting bored of me typing and said "I dare you to work Alfonzo in there." So, does that count? Hehe


  1. Wow! Look at you! You're working REALLY hard at this! So exciting! And WOW! Lots of family vacations going on. Very jealous! So glad you had fun!

  2. awww your cute little family. I'm excited for your next little man to join the crew. love the pictures.

  3. Thats so funny he acts cool with the sunglasses because dad does the exact same thing! its so funny.

  4. VA Beach!! So fun! I wish I was in your immediate family sometimes. I am def glad that I am a close aunt, but still you guys are the funnest people! And Tyson is super hilarious.. Alfonzo!