Thursday, June 9, 2011


Okay, so don't judge and think we have totally been frivolous lately, but Tyson and I went to Nashville. He had a conference he was presenting at and so he invited me and the boys to come along. All we had to pay for was food and activities. Tyson has been dying to go on a vacation with just the two of us, so I asked my mom if she would be interested in watching the boys. The angel woman said she would love to. So I told Tyson and he was so excited he acted like a little boy on Christmas. It was the cutest thing ever! So we had a great 5 days away. It was REALLY weird not being with the boys everyday, not putting them to sleep or changing diapers, listening to the thousands of stories they have to tell. I really missed them, but it was SO nice to be away. When Tyson was in his conference, I got to sleep, read, watch TV, read my scriptures in silence, explore town, go shopping without chasing kids, it was AWESOME! Every night was date night. We decided to go miniature golfing and we found the coolest course. There were tricky holes that you had to jump the ball over little creeks, sandpits, all kinds of things. We decided we have to start our own course. :)

Tyson's conference was at the Opryland hotel, the biggest, coolest hotel I have ever seen! There is literally a little town inside of it. I explored it for hours!

Tyson's presentations were so good. He got the people in charge to let me in to watch him and I loved it. There was some computer jargon that I had no clue about, but other than that, he is a very entertaining presenter. He had everyone laughing and asking questions, a regular Dave Ramsey. Hehe. Seriously, just watching him made the trip perfect.

Pictures of the inside of the Opryland Hotel. See what I mean, sweet huh?

In case you are wondering, no we didn't stay there. However, someday I plan to...I think I actually plan to own the place. :)

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. I had to get this picture for my mom, a true country fan, not a margarita fan though. :)

It was super hot in Nashville the whole time we were there, almost 100 degrees and super humid. There were the grossest cicadas everywhere too, I thought I was going to die. One night we were in the pool and the cicadas started jumping in the pool and swimming for us. SO CREEPY! We went to go to the Opryland museum, but it was closed, so sad. But we got to walk around for a little while in downtown before I started melting. And weirdly enough, I craved hot chocolate the whole time. Why? I have no clue, besides the fact that I love hot chocolate. Hehe, it was a lot of fun. Seriously, I love little getaways. It was so good for the boys to really get to know their Oma and Pops too. Thank you both SO much! I am sad because I missed Kenni's last week here, but even with that, the trip was worth it. Thanks Hunny for letting me come!


  1. That looks like so much fun! Glad you had a chance to get away :-) Hopefully they'll invite Tyson back soon, so you can have another little adventure :-)

  2. That sounds like so much fun!! I want to go to Opryland some day. I laughed so hard when you said you were craving hot chocolate the whole time, haha...only you! :)

    So, since you're on a traveling kick...when are we gonna go on our girl's trip?! hmmmm???

  3. Okay, you have got to stop with these vacation posts! I am beyond jealous!!! Five days without kids. We don't even get an hour together without them.

    So glad you had such a wonderful time with your husband. The whole trip sounds fabulous. I honestly don't know what I'd do for five days without my kids.

  4. look at you! cute lil prego golfer!! your belly has just gotten more cute! and your hair is getting long in those beach pics! it is so BEAUTIFUL down! i love it! and this post makes me SO HAPPY! I'm glad you guys got a lil vacation and Tys I'm so proud of your success! You work hard and live like no one else so you can live like no one else later. hehe.