Monday, April 25, 2011

Just more of us crazies

The boys have been so happy lately! I think it has a lot to do with the warm weather and all the flowers coming out and all the time to spend outside. They have both been such hams and so funny I can barely believe it. So here are some pictures of mostly the boys and a few of some of their friends. I will post Easter pictures soon. Snuggle time with sippy cups and Zuri.

Eating his first tuna sandwich. LOVES it. :)

Zuri and "her" kitty cat. She loves this thing, the first thing she does when she walks in the door is find it. It is so cute.

Caleb, Corbin, June, Josh and Zuri. It was a full house and way fun.

Caleb and his theater attire. :) Hehe, not really. But he loves dressing up in hats and Daddy's shoes.

Playing games with Seth. Josh still doesn't understand why Seth can't come visit for a long time. :( Off away to school.

Like I said, loves Daddy's shoes.

Josh's random nap. Little kids are so cute all the time, but especially when they are sleeping.

Daddy-son snuggle time.

We loves Aunt Bunky! Ps. Happy Birthday today!

Movie time. I LOVE how Zuri watches shows. She totally lounges like this showing off her belly. It is so adorable!

Josh got Caleb to wear this coat even though it was a really warm day. I'm pretty sure Caleb will do anything Josh wants him to.

Most nights the boys love to attack Daddy and get rides. And yes, Josh is wearing a pumpkin outfit.

To explain the outfit, the boys went to bed and didn't fall asleep for a long time, they kept making noise. Finally they stopped and fell asleep, when we went to check on them and we found clothes all over the floor and Josh wearing this, asleep. Hilarious. Then he refused to wear anything else but that for I think three or four days. That crazy boy.

Showing off the daffodils.

Caleb's first ice cream cone.


Caleb being silly after playing with and annoying Kelso (the puppy).

Josh and Kelso.

And a fun video for you to hear Caleb's adorable little voice.


  1. I love the pumpkin outfit, so cute! Happy little boys being silly are the best, especially when they're as cute as Josh and Caleb. :)

  2. shoot nothing trumps the kitty cat. He's so funny. Josh's pumpkin outfit just further proves his similarity to uncle chanson.

    all the pictures are awesome. thank for postin!