Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Due already

So today is my official due date. I never thought it would actually come, and I never thought I would actually get here without already having the baby. I'm not sure why because Josh was late, but I guess I just thought this baby would have to come early. We went to the doctor yesterday and all is well with the baby, my body is still not showing many signs of going into labor, but it was better than last week so they are giving me another week without doing a c-section. I am really glad because I was so nervous about that.

The only bad thing about this baby being delayed is that my mom and little sister are here to help out, but they go back on Saturday. I REALLY want to have the baby before they leave. So we went on a long walk yesterday, my mom has been massaging pressure points that are suppose to help, and now I guess I will have to eat spicy food by the spoonful. I hope it helps because I hate spicy food. :) But I am really happy, it has been sooooo much fun having my mom and Carmel here. Josh is loving it too. He wakes up in the morning and sits by my mom's bed and just stares at her until she wakes up. Kind of creepy, but absolutely hilarious.

Oh, yesterday, he put stickers all over my belly and started singing to the baby "bebe, bebe, bebe." It was really cute. I'm excited for this little guy to come!

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  1. haha! ya, this morning, well, at like 5 in the morning, he came and slept with me on the futon. It was sooo cute!