Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Geeb

I don't normally post on Cami's blog but she asked me to this morning. Yesterday afternoon she went to the doctor and they told her it was time to have the baby and that she couldn't wait any longer. She and her mom went over to the hospital, checked-in, and a few minutes later the doctor came and broke her water. Within minutes she was having some pretty good contractions. Little, baby Geeb was born VBAC about 11 hours later at 5:35am EDT. He is 19 inches long, weighs 7 lbs 14 ounces, and his head was 14 inches around (the doctor kept making comments about how big his head is, hopefully he is smart). Cami and the baby are doing well. We have not yet chosen his name. We will let everyone know when we do. Thanks for the prayers. Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear the name.

  2. YAY for you guys! YAY for Geeb!!! I can't wait to see you all!