Friday, April 24, 2009

So it has been a little bit crazy lately, and I am really glad. I love watching Josh but he is old enough now that he doesn't need me full time and it can get kind of boring. So luckily a few moms needed me to watch their kids, just for a few hours during the past few weeks, but it really livens the place up. Then I have been doing some grading for one of the professor's at the school, which I absolutly love doing. I can't wait to be a teacher someday, either that or a writer, whichever comes first. Or maybe both. Anyways, then Tyson suggested that I work on Family history indexing, so I have been doing that and I love that too. Plus, I have read "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and the third book in the Princess Diaries triolgy, and two Junie B. Jones books. I don't know what it is, but I can't get enough of middle-school/high school fiction.

Besides, all that side stuff, I have been watching Josh of course, and my goodness he is growing up fast. He is totally opinionated now. He wants to feed himself and he wants to eat what we are eating. He wants to go outside and walk everywhere by himself, unless I get near another child, and then he must be carried by me and that child must not even look in my direction. Apparently, he finds that very offensive. :) He says cheese, book, ball (that is his favorite), b-ball (he loves his little basketball and net), dad, hiya (a very friendly hello), Mooooooom (only in his great moments of distress does he ever call me anything), and yesterday he even tried to say butterfly, but that doesn't go very well. Oh, and he always says "Cha" when he wants to go outside and visit his friend Chaz. He runs, pretends to put on my make-up, and stands there while Tyson gets ready and wants to do everything he does. So Tyson pretends to shave Josh's face and put deoderant on him, and combs his hair and brushes his teeth, it is really cute. This morning, they went on a walk together and brought me back a lilac. They just love hanging out together.

As for our other child, I'm pretty sure I will never allow it to have caffine. It is already kicking like crazy and the doctor can't get it's heart beat measurement because it moves around so much. So the doctor says it is doing good and at the end of May we will find out the gender hopefully. However, this whole paying for the baby is not as fun as the baby. Oh well, that is how life is I guess. I would probably vent some, but my hands are too tired from typing this massive post.


  1. What do you mean by the whole paying for the baby is not as fun as the baby? Sorry I'm confused. Did you mean financial stuff or pregnancy?

    I loved reading this post. It reminded me so much of Owen about a year ago. It's so much fun! Owen never called me Mommy or anything like it until after he was two. He invented his own language. Na-Na was his word for affection. Anything he loved he would call Na-Na. That meant Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Ball. Then the word Nee meant more and milk. Those were fun times!

    Good luck with everything!

    Oh, the book thing. I almost forgot. I like to read, but was running into find books that were actually appropriate. My best friend is an English major and recommended several books. The first chapter of all of them was filled with swearing, so I gave up. I'm afraid to buy a book from anywhere but Deseret, just because they have become so poorly written and inappropriate. If you have any recommendations I'd love them! Thanks!

  2. Busy busy. I love to be busy, but then I also really like to have more down time. I admire you for watching other people's kids while pregnant. When I was pregnant with my second I could barely watch my first, let alone anyone else's kid.