Friday, January 30, 2009


Best family quote:
Mom was talking about democrats
Carmel (who was pretty young at the time, maybe 5): Mom you shouldn't say swear words.
Mom: Carmel, I wasn't swearing.
Carmel: Yes, you did. You said (whispering) "democrat."

So I realized I never say anything about politics, mostly because I am never quite sure how I feel about it. But I did watch the Inaguration and I was very impressed by Obama's speaking ability. Like Shannon Hale might say, "he has the gift of people speaking." But I'm not quite sure what to think of him as the man to lead my country. I hope and pray he will do his best, trying to listen to what the Lord would have him do. I hope he cuts government spending on all the stupid stuff it does and that he helps people not be so dependent on the government for supporting everything they do. But I don't know, I hope he doesn't make it mandatory for 3-5 year olds to go to school. I hope he lives up to the hope he has given America. I didn't stand on a street corner holding "vote for Obama" signs, but I did do that for Bush. :) I still can't believe I did that. But I'm glad I did. My extremely Republican family was proud.

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  1. really?! I said that? huh... i don't remember dat