Monday, January 12, 2009

Money and Happiness don't always go hand in hand

Some photos that make me happy.

Let's has been a little while since I last posted, but really not much has happened. It has been cold, really cold and windy. But it is still beautiful in its own way. I don't go outside a lot so I don't have much to complain about. Since I don't have a job anymore, I am kind of afraid to find out what it feels like to be home, all day, with nothing to do, ever but mom stuff. But I do love being a mom, so maybe it won't be that bad. The Lord has blessed us so much because I do kind of have a job. One of Tyson's friends that he used to work with needs someone to watch his little son once a week for a few hours. So I get to do that which I am so thankful for because at least now I will be contributing again. And there have been lots of people that need babysitting jobs on random days and they are so merciful to pay so much, so that is wonderful.

It is actually really neat and a wonderful testimony building experience for me because last month when I found out the people I babysat for didn't need me anymore, I was crushed and really worried. "How are we going to pay for food?" I kept asking myself. Of course, I know Tyson is wonderful and he will make sure we have enough money for everything and he works so hard everyday. But that is the thing, he works so hard and still the world keeps getting more expensive. It really hurts to see that look on his face when he is worried about money or wishing we had enough to splurge and get pizza. And I really want to help and I feel like such a loser sometimes because all I do is stay at home and have babies that cost even more money. I just have to keep reminding myself that the Lord wants us to have kids and He is thankful that I spend so much time with Josh, loving him and making sure he gets everything he needs. But I was really struggling, so then on fast Sunday this month Tyson asked me what we should fast for and I said "that everything will be okay and we will have enough money for everything." So Tyson in his wonderfully sweet and patient voice says "I know we will be okay Cami. How about we fast for faith that we will know the Lord will help us." I am so thankful for Tyson, he so kindly brings me back to my senses everyday and helps me realize where I should be standing and the faith I should be having. So that is what we fasted for, and ever since then, slowly but surely my fear is being replaced by faith. And we are getting all these little odds and ends to do to help people, which in turn helps us. No money has fallen in our laps, but oppurtunities to earn it has and thus, I see more than ever just how much the Lord loves us, how much He loves me.

So really, although not much has really happened in the past couple of weeks, a lot has happened inside of me. I feel happier and closer to my wonderful little family and to the Lord. Today, I was listening to different music on people's blogs and I pulled Josh onto my back and we spun in circles and he just laughed and laughed. And even though I have the first cold sore of my life and I look in the mirror and think I should feel ugly, I don't because this morning when Tyson was praying he said "thank you Father for all the beautiful things that you have given us, especially for the one I married." Money can't buy that. Like those mastercard commercials, a lot of things cost money, but moments like those are "priceless." So the moral of this story is 'don't worry so much about money, it can't buy happiness.' :)


  1. Amen. I read something today that I liked. It's from a blog, of course. It said "I’m trying to remember that my anxiety only masks my faith. And faith is the ability to relax."

    You're such a great example, Cam!

  2. awww you guys are so freaking precious! and don't worry about the cold sore, i honestly didn't even notice it until you told me today. i'm sorry it hurts though... if it makes you feel better i ran into the door knob the other day and i have a fatty bruise on my tum tum...luckily i think the babe is on the other side :) you and tys are an inspiration, i'm glad youre here!