Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Never Give Up

My oldest son just ran for the position of Treasurer at school.  I never really understood what my mom meant when she said "It is way harder for me than it is for you," that is until now.  I have been so worried about if he would get votes, if he would win and how he would handle it when he found out.

I was so proud of him, he wanted to run all on his own.  He went and got the paperwork he needed and he picked what he wanted to run for and everything.  It was awesome.  He even made his own advertising.  Seriously, talk about proud mama.

Then he came home yesterday and told me, "You know who won?"
Me: "Did you?"
Him: "No."

I expected tears, frustration, pouting for days.  I was a royal mess on the inside, I hurt so bad for him.  But he just wrinkled his little nose and told me who won and that he was sad and frustrated it was mostly girls elected because that wasn't fair.  I got a laugh out of that one.  White males, the neglected majority for sure.

But he took it like a champ.  And then he said, "next year, I am going to run again, or maybe I will run for Vice President."  And when Tyson got home, they bonded for a few minutes on how it feels to run for something and work hard, and someone else gets elected, and then you get back and try again.  What an amazing example Tyson has set for our boys.  You don't stop trying.

And then today Josh proudly told me he had been selected to be his class representative.  He was really happy and proud, as he should be.  I am so grateful the Lord helps to keep us strong and then rewards us, maybe not in the way we expect, but the blessings surely come.  And I am so thankful for my son's example of not giving up.

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