Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Adam, Eve and Steve

Every night we read scriptures with the boys.  We usually read a column a night since their attention spans can't take much more yet.  It is really fun to explain the stories with the boys and have them learn about the different prophets and hear their testimonies. 

A few nights ago we were reading about Alma and Amulek teaching about our spirits and our bodies and how the Atonement saves us not only from physical death, but also from spiritual death if we repent. 

Tyson and I try really hard to keep things spiritual, but with four little boys, things don't usually go down like that.  Tyson is also really great at helping the boys understand and apply the scriptures to themselves.  So this is kind of how the conversation was going:

Tyson: "Okay guys, how many times can we die?"
Older boys: "2!"
Matthew: "Oh, yeah, 2!"
Tyson: "And what are those ways?"
Older boys: "Our body and our spirit."
Tyson: "Good, and what are some ways our bodies can die?"

Well the boys LOVE this question because well, they are boys, and therefore horribly gruesome.  I guess it is just born in them.  Their usual answers have been, "poked with swords," "drowning," "burned alive," you know stuff like that.  Well during this whole scripture reading time, Andrew was surprisingly quiet and it was because he had found the iPad and was pushing the on and off button over and over again.  It is mostly because he loves to hear Siri's voice.  Well, he had pushed down on the button and it was recording what was being said, and it just happened to be for Tyson's last question.  So before any of the boys could give their horrific answers, Siri says:

"Oh, that is a great questions, here are some ways our bodies can die."

It was great to have Siri join our scripture reading experience, too.  :)

Then a few minutes later, we were talking about the Garden of Eden.

Tyson: "Who was in the garden of Eden?"
Caleb: "Oh, I know!  Some guy..."
Tyson: "Well, there was Adam and Eve (and then of course because Tyson has to add in something funny) and Steve."
Caleb: "Oh yeah, Steve, that is his name."
Tyson: "Caleb, who is Steve?"
Caleb: "You know, the snake."

We sadly had to explain that the snake was actually Satan, but we thought calling him Steve was funnier.  So just so you know, Adam, Eve and Steve were all there in the beginning.

Scripture reading may someday be spiritual and a great learning place for our kids and us, but for now we are just striving for consistency.  And hopefully the good stuff sinks in to their little spirits.  It can be really funny, really frustrating and such a blessing to have this time as a family.  You should try it out, great memories are made.  :)

Siri "here are some ways our bodies can die:"

Adam and Eve and was Steve in the garden too? Yes! He was? He was the snake!


  1. Man, you guys are amazing. We read one verse with James every night and I feel like I am floundering because often I don't know how to explain what is going on in that verse. How do you guys decide where to read? Do you just start at the beginning of a book of scripture and do the whole thing, start to finish? Or do you skip over parts like "the Isaiah chapters," etc?

    1. Court, we read one verse a night with the kids until Josh was about 6 and we realized we needed something a little more in depth. A chapter is still way too much for them. We started at the beginning of the Book of Mormon and are working our way through column by column. It has been really neat for all of us since we feel like we are all learning it better, especially since the boys ask a million questions. But for you guys a verse a night is fine. Pick scripture mastery ones, that really teach principles. That's my suggestion, you are awesome!