Saturday, February 1, 2014

You Just Had to Marry Him

On this fabulously warm day (in comparison to the last several far below freezing days), Tyson and I took are little ones to the LDS temple in DC.  It is quite the drive with four small boys, but as Tyson is wonderful and often reminds me, we are very blessed that it is within a days drive and we can go as often as we are able to.  Plus, it is so good for our boys to see us making a sacrifice to go to the Lord's house.  So I repent and try to have a better and more optimistic perspective.

So anyways, we get there around noon and Tyson goes inside the temple to do some work and I hang outside with the boys (we switch off every time we go, this time was Tyson's turn).  Our boys are so good, it just makes me so happy.  I didn't dread watching four little boys for two hours by myself out of the home (it really freaks me out taking all of them anywhere).  But at the temple, it is just different.  The boys are so happy to be there, and the visitors center is full of videos from apostles and stories about Jesus.  Plus, Oma gave them crayons and coloring books, so Caleb was in heaven (and she was there with Carmel and took the three older ones ALL the way home, so they are pretty much amazing).

But before all that, I walked the boys around the temple, kind of to get their energy out, but also to get them as close to the temple as they can be at this point in their lives.  It is such a special place.  So we are walking around and I stop them at a point in the sidewalk.

Me: "Guys, guess what happened here 8 years ago?"
Caleb: "I dunno."
Me: "Right at this spot, almost to the day, 8 years ago, this is where Daddy held my hand for the first time."
They all looked surprised and excited.  So cute.
Josh: "Really!? Right here?"
Me: "Yup."
Josh: "Wow, is that when you were dating him?"
Me: "Well, after that we started dating."
Josh: "And then you just had to marry him."
Me: "Yup, I couldn't help it."
Josh: "That is because he loves you so much, you just had to give in."
Me: (laughing of course) "Yeah, you got that right.  That is basically how it happened.  And then he gave me four adorable boys.  So I am basically the luckiest girl in the world."
Josh: "Pretty much."

So ladies and gentlemen, driving all that way was so worth it.  If anything, just to remind me more than usual, I am one lucky girl.

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  1. Oh the cuteness--I don't think I can handle it. That conversation with your boys is so priceless. Love it!