Wednesday, November 13, 2013


For the last month or so I really have not felt like writing.  It is a very weird feeling for me, I have never ever been one to keep my fingers quiet.  :)  So I am hoping if I just force myself to write, something will come to me.

Things have been beyond busy around here.  I still feel that four kids is much harder than three, for me anyways.  I have four adorable kids and they are all good kids, I just think the ages of them and their different personalities are harder right now than they have been before.  I get tired and drained easy, but I also feel a constant flow of energy and support from Heaven.  That may sound weird, but I know that is where it is coming from.  There are a lot of people praying for me and my little ones, and so many people coming to help me in the instant I need it.

Little Andrew just gets cuter by the day.  I still have yet to get a picture of him smiling, but it is the cutest smile.  He looks so much like Josh when he was a baby, olive skin tone, dark hair and eyes that aren't quite brown but too dark to be blue, so a murky blue I guess.  He has long hands and feet and sweet little lips and just one dimple, not two.  Seriously precious.  He has been a difficult baby mostly because he seems like he is in pain all the time.  There is the normal cranky baby-ness, but I knew this was different.  Matthew had a temper from day 1 and I could just ignore it because I knew it was just his personality, but little Andrew, he is not an angry person.  So when he cries it just makes me sad.  So with a lot of prayer and adjusting, I think we have figured out what is causing a lot of the problems.  He doesn't like it when I have lactose milk and chocolate.  The milk hurts him and the chocolate makes him spit up a lot.  No idea why, but that is the case.  He also has reflux and so he is spitting up a lot (I do two loads of laundry a week at least, just for him), but the tummy acid that comes up causes him pain.  So now, he has medicine for that.  I am not a huge fan of medicine, especially constantly taking it, but I tried all the other natural stuff first and it only helped in small degrees.  So I am thankful for medicine now because it is making the little guy, and me, happier.

Matthew is adorable and annoying.  He really has a split self.  He is sooo cute and happy and charming, but gets into soooo much trouble and causes fights and screams and throws MASSIVE tantrums.  It really blows me away because I have never had a kid that will throw a tantrum without warning (usually they get whiny or I know they are tired).  Nope, not Matthew.  He will be happy and laughing and then flip and scream and kick and jump up and down.  Honestly, it is funny, but not when we are in public, but that rarely happens thank goodness.  He is slowly starting to talk, in real words, not in charades.  He says "bus" now instead of the sound it makes: "Chshhhh"  He says "math" when he wants to do preschool and "sauce" for applesauce.  So we are getting somewhere.  :)

I was going to write more about the older two and Logan, but alas, they are now demanding lunch and my constant attention.  I love being loved and needed.  And I guess it works forcing myself to write, kind of works.  :)  Hopefully it doesn't take another month to write again...but we shall see.

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  1. I love hearing details about what each of your little guys are like. I had no idea that Andrew was having so much reflux and such--poor guy. I'm glad you guys have figured something out that works for him. Are you having to not eat chocolate, though?! :(