Thursday, March 28, 2013

San Antonio Zoo

A few weeks ago we went (drove, yes drove, 22 hours) to San Antonio, partly because Tyson had a conference he was presenting at in Austin, and because Cooper grandparents really wanted to see the little boys.  So we trecked the treck and we had a great time.  It may take a few days, but I'm going to try to put the pics from the trip up.  Here are the ones we took from the Zoo.  Josh told me to write that it was really hot, that is why they have sunglasses and are squinting.  :)  And I agree, as a prego chick, Texas really is way too intense in the heat area.

 We finally got a picture of Tyson and Hannah.  :)  Oldest and youngest siblings.  Crazy how old she is now, and she is awesome with the boys.  They adore her.  They have pretty awesome aunts and uncles.

 Caleb was in a super crabby mood pretty much the whole time, except for when we saw the hippos, he loved that part.  :)  This is him protecting himself from the sun and keeping out of photos, hilarious.

Tyson was obsessed with taking pictures of me the whole trip.  So I am including this so everyone knows I was actually there.  :)

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