Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mom and Dad Cooper and Hannah were WAY nice and watched the three boys for three days while I went with Tyson to his conference.  I love my kids, but sometimes it is SOOO nice to get time away from them.  It is sad that all day I was alone, but since I was uber sick it was nice to just get to sleep.  I left to go to Jamba Juice and then went right back to our cave on the top floor.  The last day there we stopped by the capital building on the way back to San Antonio.  It was fun to get out and explore and it is always cute to see Tyson read every single plaque.  :)
 This drinking fountain was really cool.  We found it right after I thought a bee flew up my shirt and in front of all the tourists Tyson was trying to help me get it out.  Hilarious and really awkward.  But oh well.  :)  So this drinking fountain was from a long time ago and the water comes from the top of the structure.  I don't really know how things work, but it was good water and it was fun.  Here is my handsome hubby getting a drink.

 Our view from the top floor.
 I LOVED this couch/chaise lounge thing.  I seriously was there all the time.  So fun.
 One evening we went on a walk and found these crazy cool cow statues and a cute duck pond as the sun set.  It was really neat and a fun adventure.  I LOVE spending time with Tys.

 The inside view from our floor.
 Someone left this in the hallway for room service to take away.  I thought it was so cute I had to take a picture.  38 years, I can't wait to be married that long.  We haven't even been married 7 years.  So weird to imagine even living 38 years.  :)  So I told Tyson when we have been married 38 years, I want room service too.  I don't know why, but I have always wanted room service, weird I know.  It is just so exciting.  So you will know we have made it when we get room service.  :)  I will order: chocolate milkshakes and chocolate covered strawberries.  Yup, I have it all planned out.

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  1. aww the 38 years is adorable. sounds like a legit goal to have room service. I always want it too. it reminds me of some random trip when we were kids dad let us get it once. super fun.