Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Kids

The boys seem the same to me all the time and then all the sudden I will think about it or notice them do something and I think "Woah, they are growing up fast!"  So here is some of the basic info about these kids as of late:
Joshua:  He is at a precious age.  Difficult, but precious.  He is really emotional, I'm sure girls are worse, but I just don't know what to do with the roller coaster of emotions he excudes daily.  One minute he will be happy and helpful and the next second he will be bawling and hiding in a corner or yelling and slamming doors.  I just sit there, wide eyed, wondering what on earth to do or trying to calm my temper.  Two emotional people in a house together is really not a pretty thing.  :)  He is learning really fast and LOVING to read and still asks a million and a half questions every day.  "Do reindeer sink in the water?"  "Do they get cold?"  "How does snow melt?" "Why do we excercise?" "What are toys made out of?"  He is reading little stories like "The Little Cat on the Farm went singing to the man."  Words like that.  He is much better than he thinks.  He gets a little dramatic about how he can't do ANYTHING!  And then as soon as he reads it he has the proudest little face and tells me "I knew I could do that, it was pretty easy."  And I just sit there taking deep breaths, trying not to think about how 6 sentences just took 30 minutes of encouraging and using every ounce of patience I own.  I think I learn more than he does every lesson.  :)  He also tells me he is sad to grow up because he doesn't want to leave me.  See what I mean?  Precious.

Making their own instruments.  I will spare you the lovely noise they created.
 I have included preschool pictures throughout.  Josh's preschool has been without heat, so we have been having it at our house.  It has been working out really nice and I love getting to know the kids better. They are hilarious!  I should have made a quote book because talk about kids saying the darndest things.  It is a fact.

A note Josh made at church.  Don't know about why there is the "Jesus made cows" but it is true and funny, so I had to share.

Caleb:  This kid is a riot.  He is all about being independent now.  "I can do it myself Mama."  He is totally potty trained and gets mad if I try to help him wash his hands or anything.  He has been so happy and funny.  He loves to pretend he is a superhero or a rhino or "nah-sir-ous."  It is a really good imitation and kind of frightening.  He does charge and head butt you.  :)  His favorite food is tacos right now.  He will eat three or four at dinner and still be hungry.  He still loves cereal and have included yet another photo of him eating it.  It is just so funny to me I guess.  He loves art and coloring and is really good with his fine motor skills.  He can create some really beautiful pictures already.  He loves to stay up late and come out a million times to ask for just one more thing.  Yup, that phase.  "Can I have a drink of water?" "I need to go to the bathroom" "I'm scared of wolves jumping through my window" "Can you read me a book?"  You know, those things.  Drives me crazy, but at the same time I can't help but love him.  He and Josh switched bunks since Caleb kept rolling out of the bottom bunk, so it is cute to see him climb the ladder into bed every night.  He is my snuggle bug.


Matthew:  Talk about personality, this kid is insane.  He has to do everything his way and fast.  He wants to go outside all the time, shoes or no shoes, freezing or not.  He wants to play with just what his big brothers are.  He has to eat where they are eating and what they are eating.  He never ate baby food, walked at 9 months old, hates napping or going to bed early because his brothers aren't in there with him.  He even tries to sleep in their beds, he doesn't like being contained in his crib.  The other day we heard some dishes clicking and found Matthew sitting at the table (he figured out how to climb up in the chairs and from there the table).  I have found him up there with scissors three times, eating any leftover food on like a million occasions.  He is even there right now, eating Caleb's leftover pumpkin pie.  I just don't care to go make him get down.  He is totally giving me a run for my money and exhausting me in no way I have been before.  He already pretends too.  His favorite is to be a puppy.  He will crawl up to me panting and wants me to rub his head.  It is adorable.  He is always full of smiles and little charms to get himself out of trouble.  Most of the time I can't even remember what he did that was wrong in the first place.  Yup, I totally have to be careful with this kid.  And he does it on purpose.  He knows how to give kisses, but won't, just because he thinks it is funny to make people kiss him instead.  Oh and when he is tired he will go get his blanket and pacifier and lay on the floor.  It is hilarious.  We all adore the little guy.  Joshua especially takes extra good care of him.  It is really cute.

Blueberry:  We are anxious to find out more about this little creature.  "She" as Tyson will only call her or him, is growing great and due sometime around August 5.  So I am just getting throught the first trimester.  It has been a sick few months, lots of laying on the couch and not wanting to go anywhere, but we are really excited to have another one.  We are so lucky and blessed to have so many great kids and even if I am prematurely gray and lost several years off my life due to stress and exhaustion and the house is always a mess, I know I am one lucky woman.  Not to mention these little guys have the best Daddy in the whole world.  He plays with them and is their hero, and he sure makes me happy.  So life is crazy great!


  1. you're too sweet. I love love hearing about the boys. Not gunna lie it totally bums me out that I'm missing out on seeing them be so funny and growing up so fast. Matthew sounds like a complete riot. I'm glad baby blueberry is doing well too! yay babies! love you.

  2. I loved the update on all of your little kiddos. They are so cute!! I hope we can see you sometime soon. I sure hope you start feeling better soon! :)