Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What you all have been waiting for, I know :)

I found this on my bed.  Josh had written his name, cut it out and put it like a note for me.  Hilarious and adorable.
 Logan, Matthew and Joshua. (I love Josh's alfalfa spike in his hair.  The poor kid, his hair is permanently like that.)
 Blondie and Brownie.
 Love Matthew in the mornings.  So cute.
 The next two pictures explain why Caleb reminds me so much of my brother KJ.  Anyone who knows KJ, will understand.

 Thanksgiving turkey oreos with Cassie and Dallin!

 I have no words.

 Thanksgiving outfits from preschool.

 What Josh is thankful for: Jesus, Friends, My Mommy and Daddy, My Brothers, and Teeth.  :)
 Rowing.  Of course, in the dining room.

 Josh's second birthday celebration.  He had SO much fun all those days.  Cupcakes with Oma at her office, a small cake to celebrate his real day of birth, and his rocket cake with his friend party.
Cute chubby Matthew in the sunlight.
 Josh, Logan and Caleb watching Kipper.  I LOVE their faces.
 Rocket cake.  Josh doesn't think it looks like one, but it does, right?
 And my crazies.  I think we are all a little crazy from spending so much time together, but who better to spend time with?  Just some more time with Tyson and my life would be perfect.  :)


  1. These pictures crack me up! Oh I love your boys!

  2. haha thanks for the shout out...Caleb has it figured out with cereal and a blanket!1!