Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boy oh Boy

Life has been pretty crazy lately.  I guess, when is it not, when you have three little boys?  They keep me laughing and really happy.  Somedays I think I will pull my hair out, and I am pretty sure I will be totally gray in just a few years at the rate I'm going.  :)  But man, I love these guys.  Every time I turn around they are doing something new, trying to bug each other in a new way, repeating something else they have heard that I don't approve of, singing songs, making jokes, dancing, making creations, surprising me, I just love it.  Life couldn't be any better.  Cassie (Tyson's little sister) just graduated from SVU, so we had almost the whole Cooper clan come and visit, even Aunt Judy (we missed Katie, Josh and Noah though).  Congrats Cass for not only graduating, but getting engaged!  We are so excited for you and Dallin.  So I am really bad about blogging, taking pictures of things besides the silly moments with just the boys, and recording more things.  But these will have to do.  Hooray for the little moments that make life wonderful!    Enjoy!

       Caleb and his buddy Joey having a picnic with fake food.  :)
          Daddy and Josh right before haircuts

                   I totally missed getting Caleb in the picture, poor guy.  :)

    Darby (my fourth "child" a few days a week) and Matthew competing
for most in the way crawler.  :)
                                                  Fun in the sprinklers.

                                Grandma and Grandpa Cooper time

                                  Cassie and I got pedicures, hooray!
                 While Mom and Dad Cooper watched the boys AND cleaned the house, talk about a great day.   I was just sad they had to leave...
                                        Sold my first order on Etsy!
    My friend Caitlin brought by the YUMMIEST cookies (check her out at    

                      Josh made me a present for Mother's Day in preschool, an adorable corsage out of felt.  It was so cute!  I love that he goes to preschool!
         (I feel horrible, can you tell who I take pictures of ALL the time?)

                                            It was a miracle, they were both sleeping!

 Silly faces...

 My latest creation (Tyson's idea), dried pineapple, milk chocolate and coconut.  Super yummy!

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you have so many pictures to share! Matthew is so cute. so so so so soooo cute, I can't get over it, I haven't seen him smiling yet! Love it all.

    ps. your chocolates look yummy.