Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A week can seem like a very looong time

Life can seem like a really long time and then other times it can just fly by.  There has been SO much happening, that time really seems to be zooming by, but then I look back and I think, that was this morning?  That feels like a month ago.  So, I think it was about a week ago, everything started breaking, more than usual: our car (again), our laptop, little tools, all kinds of things.  Tyson and I are in the kitchen talking about how expensive everything is and how we aren't sure we can afford plane tickets to Cassie's wedding.  No joke, during that conversation, Tyson turns on the sink and then tries to turn it off and it just doesn't.  Then we hear this spraying sound from under the sink.  Yup, water going everywhere.  Tyson and I just started laughing, because what else can you do?  So we sound like a looney bin couple just giggling away as one more thing breaks.  But, it did happen while we were in the room and there was very little damage.  If we hadn't have been in there, wow, that would have been horrible.  And our car only dying 15 minutes after we left for the temple instead of three hours, yes, we are very thankful.  So sure, sad stuff has been happening, but managable.  So thankful.

So here is a picture of the boys helping Daddy fix the sink.  They think it is pretty cool that part of the pipe is missing.  So I have learned how to fix/replace the pipes under a sink, at least kind of. 

Just some cute photos, because well, I just can't not put them in here.

This past weekend we had our Waggery Reunion.  It was a blast.  I don't have pictures of all of us, so here are Kate, Kip and I.  During my junior year, the year I met Tyson, we had a really close group of friends.  Kate got the ball rolling on a reunion and I am SO glad she did.  We had a great weekend, just being around each other.  It was so relaxing being around people that knew the old me.  Tyson was great and watched the kids a lot so I could go and hang out.  Seriously, can't wait to do this again.

Kate is the baby whisperer.  Matthew laid still on the couch (he never holds still), with a book over his head and started to fall asleep.  I went to take a picture and he lifted up the book and made this face.  Seriously, I LOVE this child!

It has been hotter and humider than ever the past few days, so yesterday I blew up this pool and before we got water in it, the boys had a grand time relaxing in it.  ;)

I am part of a moms group in this area and some of us did "secret sister" where we each have a secret friend and take them a present once a month for a few months.  Well, my sister was awesome and always got me really fun, perfect gifts.  Once she gave me a dozen donuts and a gift certificate to my favorite donut place.  This last month she gave me this book, it is awesome.  For five years, once a day I answer a questions, just a sentence answer.  It is awesome, something I completely love.  And I love surprises, so basically the last few months have been a ton of fun getting random gifts.

Pool jumping action shots.

After locking myself out of the house for several hours this morning, and then making a fool of myself basically all day long, Carmel was nice and bought us all ice cream.  Yum.

See what I mean? LOVE!

Yes I decided to take a picture of Caleb's ice cream falling out instead of catch it.  Horrible.  But he didn't care, he just ate the cone.  Thankfully...

Eating cake.  Josh's preschool graduation.

Cute little guy named Tim, had to take a photo of him.

Please note Josh's facial expressions in the following photos compared to his friends.

No, he didn't smile once during the whole thing.  So funny!  What a riot that kid. I can't believe this year is over.  We have a preschool graduate!

Running out to the car, we got soaked, crazy rain storm.  It was so much fun though.  And I love Josh's blue steel shot here.  Love love love my boys.  And that is our lives right now.


  1. love the blue steel. he looks so grown up. you look so pretty spamala.

    It's funny, I feel like our lives are connecting even though we're on opposite ends of the country. Our kids both got the same disease, and our car got a flat and Chris backed into a pillar (he felt so bad, it was the only blind spot our car has. poor chap) within two days of each other. then Chris had to go to the hospital (he's fine now). It's like it comes in waves, maybe we'll find a genie bottle or something next :) wahaha, you could write a story about that.

    I love all the pictures, keep them coming!

    I love you.

  2. I had no idea your sink had broken too! Crazy! You are so positive, Cami. I admire you for that. I don't know if I would be able to see the blessings in the midst of all that. And that picture of Matthew turned out so fabulous! I didn't know he had smiled at you. Ah, so adorable!