Monday, August 15, 2011

Dove Conference in Baltimore

The last week of July Tyson went to a conference in Lexington, KY and the boys and I were alone for a few days until I left for Baltimore for a Dove Chocolate Discoveries conference. We had so many awesome people watch the boys for us and I was SO glad I got to go. I had the time of my life! This is the few from my room, so high and so pretty. I woke up one morning to the sun rising and just layed there and watched it. Right next to our hotel they had these cute little dragon paddle boats. The boys would have loved it.

I learned a lot, got really motivated, but I made some awesome friends too. This is me and Liz the night of the banquet. She is awesome!

Everyone was freaking out because I was dancing so much. I can't help it, I LOVE to dance! They all thought I was going to go into labor or something. Hehe

The whole dreamnchocolate team. Me and Bertina (right of me) are both pregnant and due the same day, crazy huh?


Eating... (the far left is Bekah, she is my upline and AWESOME!)

This is Allyson, and she was the one that took most of these pictures. If not for her, I would have the one from my hotel room and that is about it. I am so bad about taking pictures.

General Session. It was more like a pep rally the whole time, with tons of music and prizes. It was SO much fun! Plus we got to try all the new products. Toffee, sugar-free chocolate covered caramels, white chocolate pear cider, cinnamon rolls, pretty much the best stuff ever!Walking around after dinner the first night we were there.

Betty Palm, DCD president.

Chef Mark, he comes up with a lot of the new products and ways to use them. Not to mention he is hilarious.

Me, Billi Jo and Betty, two other ladies on my team. They are so funny, especially Billi Jo, man she has attitude. :)

Then this is when they were telling us where we are going for our incentive trip this coming year. The joked about ice fishing trips, out west, scuba diving, stuff like that (it explains their outfits), but then they told us it is DOMINICAN REPUBLIC at this super awesome resort. I am so excited! So that is what I am working towards now, getting there and taking my fabulous Tyson with me (and probably the baby too as he will still be so small). So we will see...but I am so excited and I love chocolate!


  1. you're like a party mom now! it's cool that you got to take some time off from mom-ing and have yourself a good time! I miss you much.

  2. so i dont know your email address.. so here is that link i promised you a while back for your young women. let me know when i can help, i'll be glad to!