Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Photos from December

One of Tyson's favorite things to do to the boys, socks on their hands, pants on their head. Never gets old. :)
Josh is very proud of his helping make his snack: apples, peanut butter, topped with raisens.

It is freezing outside, but they didn't care, neither did I. I was pretty ready to get them out of the house. :)

Caleb and Josh enjoying Caleb's new ark from Oma.

Boys in a blanket.

Santa left a present...

The littlest elf

Josh fell asleep on Tyson's lap. So cute.
Josh's first day of Sunbeams. We couldn't find the matching tie, plus he wouldn't wear it if we did. But they are both studs.

We had Tommy and Jack over yesterday. This is what happens when four little boys build a fort. Apparantly they had to be sectioned off from each other, but right next to each other. Crazy kids. Tommy is showing off his Buzz Lightyear.

That's our random craziness.

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  1. oh shoot I love your babies. Caleb is looking so grown up! It is crazy to me how different he looks after just two weeks!