Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving...the turkey is getting fat

Sorry this post is a little out of date and late, but here are the pictures anyways. We always make homemade butter and the kids LOVE it. That is Dad's job while I do other things, like gut the turkey, so gross but so cool at the same time.
We also made oreo turkeys and that was so fun. Caleb simply can't get enough of the gumdrops. He was mad when we ran out. :)

I love Josh, the ham or turkey, those are really the names I call him. :)


  1. you guys are too cute! Come visit again...please?!?!

  2. LOVE your little turkeys!! (The kids and the candies!)

    And... I think your cardigan is SOOOOO cute in this last picture! Way to be stylin! :)

  3. Cute Turkeys!!! :) Yeah, when are you guys gonna come visit?!