Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cold Crazy Cami

I'm not sure if it is the freezing weather outside or the fact that almost everyone I normally see is gone for the holidays, but life has gotten a little bit boring here, at least we are bored which results in crankiness and craziness.

Sometimes I don't realize how little I converse with other people. It is probably because I write so much, or because I have little dialogue's going on in my head that I don't realize how in need I am of actually interacting with other people. There is only so much talking with a 3 year old and a 1 year old one woman can handle. But I feel like I could be a lot more patient if I just tried. So I have lost my temper way too many times over the past few weeks of the cold stretch. I miss the sunshine. I love this weather, but I just miss the sun.

Josh has been very patient with me though. He gets cranky and whiny, but all considering, he is pretty good. He and Caleb are both very creative. The cupboards in our kitchen are caves, storage facilities for everything that shouldn't be there (like my no longer missing sock and cell phone), perfect for peek-a-boo and all sorts of other games that I don't even understand. Josh has taken to grabbing three Ziploc bags or three trash bags (always three, I don't know why) and putting toys or shoes or other items in them and carrying them around. I would love to dive into that brain of his and see what his imagination is leading him to do, but it is fascinating to watch.

Caleb was actually the one that started the climbing in the cupboards craze. I found his two little feet dangling off the bottom shelf the other day, and that is all I could see. It was hilarious, and ever since then, they are the coolest thing. I hate that I can't ever find my pots and pans now and you want a can of food? Well, good luck finding the right one, some of them have been delabeled, so that should be fun. Mystery meal in a can. :)

I often feel bad when I look back on my day and I see so many times when I should have just stayed calm. The boys are just as bored as I am. And they are so cute. I love watching them grow up, there is nothing like it in the world. There are moments when I wish I could go somewhere, anywhere, away from these boys and work, actually feel productive. But then, if I had missed Josh's "cave spelunking" or Caleb's puppy dog impressions, I would have missed too much.

I am so excited for Christmas! I can't wait to see their little faces as they open all their presents (and man, they have quite a few piling up in the back room. It looks like Santa's workshop back there). I think I am way more excited than they are. :)

Merry Christmas from the crazy Cami!


  1. I agree. I am most excited to give Jett his presents. Christmas really is so special with kids.

  2. Dear Cami you are such a wonderful mother! I am amazed at your patience with the boys and the way you just let them be boys and live their childhood is really awesome. They are so lucky to have you as their mother. I hope that someday I can even be a fraction of the mother that you are... someday, maybe.. lol.
    LOVE YA!

  3. I agree!!! I have cabin fever! You can always come and visit. ;) we're always game for company, and I'm sure the kids could use some social interaction (as well as us).