Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Man of Common Cents

In honor of my fabulous husband and his upcoming birthday, I wanted to write a little blog about him and the things he loves. I was talking to his little sister, Cassie, today and I was asking her about what kind of guy she wants to marry. She is much more mature in her thoughts than I ever was, which made me start to remember what I used to want. I wanted basically somebody just like me, but from Tennessee with an accent that could ride horses. I'm so glad I got someone infinitely better than that.

Tyson is very different from me. He is confident, driven, realistic, yet hopeful, he is like a rock, so stable. He loves things that I can't even picture liking, like olives and museums. I love to read his blog: because customer service? I would have never really given that any thought except, "that teller was really helpful." But I would have marked it as personality, not actually as a good way of doing business. He is just amazing the things he thinks of and how he always wants to make things better.

I have been kind of grouchy with him today, and he has been so good and nice to me. He is off with the little boys at Walmart right now getting me a present. That is the kind of guy he is. He is amazing and I love him. I want him to know it, so everyone reading this, click on his blog and look at it. He can see how many people look at it, and that will make him so happy. Thanks. :)

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  1. hehe I like the part about looking at Tyson's blog because it makes him happy to see how many people look at it!
    I love you guys! SOO freaking much!