Monday, November 9, 2009

November is for Gratitude

Tyson and I don't have many traditions yet, but in November we have a thankful list. Each day we write 10 things we are thankful for before we go to bed. We can't repeat anything throughout the whole month, so you would think you have to get creative. But it is amazing, it is so easy to think of a million and a half things I am thankful for.

What is really nice is that it instantly takes away all my gloominess. Being a mom of two is wonderful, the best job in the world, although exhausting and patience-trying. However, the hardest part for me is the lonliness. It is getting easier the older Josh is because he can kind of understand what I am saying (probably a lot more than he lets on), but it is so easy for me to feel alone. It is probably because I am so quick to be negative and to pity myself. So Tyson just left to go back to work and I was sad, then my sunny spot on my bed that is usually there at this time of day, was not, because it is too cloudy. The boys are both asleep, for which I am glad, but the lonliness just sunk in much too deep. So, for some reason, I picked up my journal and decided to write my 10 thankful things. Suddenly, I was smiling and thinking of the good things that have happened today. Let me share with you...

1. Caleb's little hand grip on my finger

2. Alone time

3. Blogging

4. Cold days like this that make me want to cook to keep warm

5. A washer and dryer right in my home

6. Photographs

7. Moments that make up my life (inspired by a quote on Kirsten's blog)

8. Garbage people, I just take my garbage to the big dumpster outside and on Monday morning they come take the stinkiness away

9. Oldies songs that I know by heart

10. Dancing to those songs as I sing the few phrases I know. Josh, Caleb, and I danced to "You are the Woman that I always Dreamed Of," it was so cute! Josh spun in circles and it made him happy when before he was so grouchy.

So, I am thankful for gratitude. Gratitude erases the gluminess. :)


  1. I like your tradition! Being grateful for all my blessings helps me too!

  2. you know every oldies song by heart. it's eerie, like you were there or something. jk.

    i'm sorry you were gloomy and I didn't come cheer you up:( next semester you won't be able to get rid of me! wahaha!