Thursday, May 29, 2008


As promised: the video of Joshua crawling.

You know that Brittney Spears song, "Lucky"? Well, the lyrics don't really apply, but I feel like there should be a song to express how I feel. Perhaps it is more a hymn that a song, something about the "debt of gratitude is mine." I sit here today, thinking about my little boy and his half birthday today and that got me this is my thought process:

I cannot believe my little boy is so old. But at the same time, only six months? That is 1/44 of my life. I feel like he has been with me so much longer than that. Josh is so precious and so cute. How did I get so lucky? An incredibly handsome, wonderful, perfect husband, a great kid that makes me smile whenever I look at him, a great apartment with a dishwasher, a job with a family that is totally amazing and so nice to me, and great friends and a wonderful family and a sister who comes and visits me practically everday and got me a Ciao Bella shirt. What more could I ask for? And with all of that, I have a Father in Heaven who watches out for me everyday, listens to my every prayer even when most of the time I fall asleep or forget I'm praying, and He loves me and keeps blessing me. It is even harder than the impossible debt I have to my mom, there is no way I could ever repay the Lord for all He has done. It is so humbling and so wonderful. How can one not believe in God with so much goodness?


  1. look at your baby crawling! cam i miss you, what a nice post to read.

  2. Yeah! I can't believe he is crawling! I just saw him it seems like and now he is crawling! I also appreciated your thoughts:)