Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm Going to Cut You Off!

Have you ever gotten addicted to a show without intending to?  Well, that happens to me, not all the time, but often enough.  It is really fun when you get addicted with a friend or family member because then you get to bond with that person or people.  That is what has been happening here at our house.

Our summer routine has been actually really nice thus far.  We do our chores (I finally enlisted the boys to have daily chores, like 7 each, it is SO nice), hang out, read, then watch Heartland.  I know, it is kind of a cheesy, dramatic show, but we really like it.  Especially because of the horses.  Riding and showing horses is in my blood. I have never done much riding except when I was little, but some things just make your heart beat extra fast, you know?  Horses do that for me.  Apparently for the boys too.

So anyways, we were watching a show this morning and this teenage daughter is having a fight with her mom and threatens to move out.  The mom says, "If you move out, be prepared to be cut off.  No allowance.  No credit cards."

Little Andrew looks up at me with the most horrified and sad look in his eyes.

"Mama, that mom going to cut her up!"

I just about died.  Poor little thing.  When you are two and learning how to speak, phrases like being cut off only translate literally.  

Speaking of Heartland, it is time to go watch another.  :)

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