Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lion in my Cupboard

Have you ever opened your cupboard...
and found this?

Happens to me ALL the time.  Usually it is some random toy or toys or I find all of my pots and pans totally rearranged.  OR I go to get a pot and it is totally missing and I find it under the couch full of crayons.  Or Tyson goes to put on his shoes pretty much every morning and there is a different toy stuffed in the toe.  Or I find my toothbrush in a different place in the bathroom then where I left it.  Or the rug in the bathroom is missing and I find it rolled up in guessed it, cupboard. 
I'm not sure if they do it just because they are playing and in their own world or if they really do it to see how frustrated Tyson and I get.  Either way, you got to admit, it is pretty funny.

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