Monday, April 9, 2012

Doctor! Tell me what you gonna do!

Ethnie and Leo are over here this morning. Josh and Ethnie are talking to each other and this is the conversation I heard:

Josh (doctor): What is the matter with your baby?
Ethnie (worried mom): He is sick.
Josh: What's wrong with him?
Ethnie: I don't know, he is just sick.
Josh: Does he need medicine?
Ethnie: Yeah, I think so.
Josh: Do you have some at your house?
Ethnie: No, I don't.
Josh: Do I have some at my house?
Ethnie: I don't know.
Josh: Oh, I probably do. Would you go get it for me?
Ethnie: I don't know where your house is!

I'm glad that my conversations with the doctor don't sound like this. Can you imagine, the doctor looking at you and asking "does your baby need medicine?" Um, doc, that is what I am here for, does he? Haha, so funny. Gotta love kids pretending to be big.