Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Making our first batch of Confections By Cami fudge

All my life I have dreamed of doing a lot of things. One of which is to work in a chocolate shop. That is probably one of the reasons I became a chocolatier for Dove. It was selling chocolate. But I really wanted to MAKE chocolate, to taste test, to smell it and experiment with it. To watch people smile when they bit into it and know that it was something I made. Like I somehow made that smile.

I kind of got to do that as a chocolatier, but I hated the pressure of feeling horrible with how much it cost and that I had no control over that. There were a lot of little things, but it was wonderful too. I learned SO much in just over a year. I have never been so outgoing. And I loved getting to know my team, especially my upline Bekah. And I loved being a leader too. But I haven't had a party in awhile and haven't made the quota I need to have to continue being a chocolatier.

When I found out as I was disappointed in myself. It wasn't anyone else's fault, just mine. But at the same time, I felt relieved. I really felt good about becoming a chocolatier, but I knew it would only be temporary. That is all I wanted it to be.

Well, anyways, Tyson and I talked about it and we decided that I would have one last party, sell off all the Dove stuff I have unless I need to keep it. And I would take one step closer to my dream. I would start creating my own chocolates and sell them on Etsy. So far it has been really fun. We have only made two different things and probably gained five pounds because of them, but hey, fat and happy, right? :)

So I am a curvy, happy wife to the handsomest man, mother of three adorable boys, writer, and chocolate (although purely internet) shop owner. What is even better is that Tyson is helping me with everything. We made the fudge together (thanks to Mama Sue's AMAZING recipe), and he has helped me with all the ideas and researching.

It is going to be great!


  1. Very exciting! Love that you're a happy curvy wife. I need to take a lesson from you in that.

    And just a note-don't forget to include allergy warnings with your chocolate! :)

  2. We should go in together for the esty shop. ;) My cookies, your chocolate. What do you say? <3

  3. Exciting!! I will need to order some to try it from you :) And congrats on the book.. that's awesome, I had NO idea!!

  4. hooray cami! so excited for you!

  5. I want a sample!! Both book and chocolate! A perfect combination!!