Monday, July 11, 2011

More Summer Fun

Here are the more random pictures of the month. We went to Jesse (Tyson's boss) and his wife Andrea's lakehouse right after Tyson's birthday. It was SO much fun. It was really relaxing and we played at the lake most of the first day there. Jesse and Andrea were so nice to have us there and the boys loved it and loved them. Josh loved the canoe ride and then the boys sat on the dock with Andrea while Tyson caught fish with a butterfly net. :) A real fisherman. It was so cute and so much fun. I am barely still fitting into my maternity swimsuit, so I won't burden you with any of those shots. But let me just tell you, swimming is the most stress relieving thing being pregnant, I felt so light. Hehe So yeah, it was a great trip. They even made Tyson a cake to wish him a happy birthday, it was so nice!

I often find Caleb just by himself doing his own thing. He requires very little attention and here he is, just reading to himself. He is such a chill kid, I love it.

The boys are best friends. Caleb calls Josh "Joshie" and they rough house, play games, "shoot" each other and the other pretends to die. Kind of awful, but really funny. Here they are, "camping" on the floor in their room. I love watching them sleep.

Caleb and his daily banana. Of course wearing a top hat, because doesn't one always eat bananas with a top hat?

Josh let Caleb borrow his hat and Caleb didn't want to take it off. So cute! I thought Dad would be proud of the blue plaid shirt too. :)

Caleb's new sitting spot.

After playing in the sprinkler. I feel bad, but Josh rarely holds still for pictures and when he does he rarely smiles, so I have very few unblurry happy pictures of him. :)

Caleb's crazy hair when I rub sunscreen in it.

Caleb and Josh decorated the car, the house, the brick porch, the sidewalk, the glass door, basically anything that would hold still with chalk. We were very thankful when it rained, but it was cute seeing them be so artistic...

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  1. Caleb looks like he's gotten tons of hair since we left! They are so funny together. I think the whole having all boys thing is working well for you:) I think Josh's sad face is my favorite, he gets his eyebrows to do some crazy shapes!