Thursday, March 17, 2011

The crazy family I married into...

For the last week and a half we were all in Texas visiting Tyson's family. Everyone was able to come (thanks to Mom and Dad Cooper's serious generosity). It was a TON of fun. Here are the family pictures Zach took. Tyson, just like Josh I think, only likes pictures when he doesn't have to be serious. So he had way too much fun. :)
I almost always laugh when Tyson kisses me. He thinks that is weird, but I love that he makes me laugh even when he isn't trying to.

Josh LOVES this picture because he is squeezing Grandpa and he loves his funny face.

The brothers.
The sisters and Mom Cooper.
Big Josh and Katie, I think this picture is so cute.
The sisters.

As you will be able to see, the little boys were either hamming it up, really cranky, or wouldn't look at the camera.

The whole family!

It was so much fun being with everyone! I will post more pictures when I don't have little fingers around to pull on the camera cord. I just miss my family more than ever now, so hopefully I will get to see them soon!


  1. aaand you should see them soon. You should come for Turkey day or somezing! then you can see me AND the fam. It's like a double bonus.

  2. So cute!!! Your little guys are getting so big and are so cute!!! And, I love the pictures of you and Tyson. Glad you had a great trip! :)

  3. LOVE the "serious" picture of you and Tyson...and when I say serious, I mean smiling at the camera. You guys are adorable! I also love the family pictures. I just can't get over how cute your boys are!