Friday, February 4, 2011

Things I Love

-subway sandwiches with crunchy banana peppers
-cozy warm blankets
-baby snuggles
-when Josh says "Mama, me miss you SO much"
-Tyson's green eyes
-country songs
-sunshine in the morning
-the soft thumping of a baby's heartbeat in an ultrasound
-the wailing of a train in the distance
-warm soup
-the smooth rhythm of folding laundry
-the way Tyson says "I love you"
-surprise donut trips
-pretty much any kind of donut, anytime :)
-Caleb's shrug smiles
-the sound of little kids snoring
-mail, especially handwritten letters
-family around me, especially since my family is so generous with their time
-chocolate of any kind
-calls with my Mama
-hearing my phone buzz and seeing "Tyson love" on the screen
-daffodils and tulip leaves popping out of the dirt
-chilly autumn days
-the sound of typing
-the feel of a pen in my hand
-the clarity that comes when I read the scriptures
-Tyson walking towards the door
-dinner with friends
-Ben and Jerry's ice cream
-the sound of laughter, especially from children or from people I love
-the feel of laughing so much my cheeks hurt
-meeting new people
-my family
-my God
-my life


  1. those are all great things! I love children's laughter too!

  2. We received your written letter in the mail today. Thank you. It was beautiful.

  3. Our everlasting friendship was reconfirmed when I read the first thing on your list..."subway sandwiches with crunchy banana peppers"...seriously, that is why I love subway so much! haha :)