Monday, August 23, 2010

Josh's (littlest) Biggest Fan

All of his little life, Caleb has completely adored Josh. He thinks that Josh is the coolest big brother ever and everything he does is funny, even if that means pain for him. So this morning Caleb woke up before Josh, something that rarely happens. I took Caleb out and played with him for a little bit until I heard Josh growling (that is how he announces himself, anytime during the day). So I open the door a crack and Caleb starts bouncing up and down he is so excited. Once Caleb sees Josh's face he gets this huge grin, points his little finger at Josh and says "Jos." Talk about adorable. And if you ask Josh who his best friend is he will say either "dirty jobs with Mike Rowe" (I know, a two year old, so funny) or "brother Caleb." I love these crazy boys of mine.


  1. my goodness, you're boys are so precious. ( I saw precious with a southern accent cause it's cooler that way)

  2. Ah so cute! I love that Josh announces himself with a growl...must be your son :)

  3. Too cute! Aw! I miss them so much! I know I just live a little bit away, but I really miss them!