Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Josh's life, as we now know it.

Hello, my name is Joshua. This here is my mom. She is usually pretty nice, but lately, she has been acting kind of funny. She will randomly start crying, or get cranky. But the thing that bugs me the most, is her lap is getting smaller and I don't fit like I used to. Aunt Kenni also cut her hair, I think that looks pretty good though. This is me. I make the best faces in the world and I love to eat. I especially love to be outside and this is my sitting spot on our deck. Mom doesn't like me to be out here by myself, and I don't like that. I scream when she takes me in, but she doesn't seem to listen.

This is my dad. He is the coolest in the whole world. Every day when he gets home from work he chases me and finds new ways to make me laugh. On this occasion he wasn't paying enough attention to me, so I pushed him, then he chased me and "hog tied" me to the broom. That was really fun, I liked it a lot.
My dad lets me eat popcorn with him. It is my favorite food. It is actually pronounced "Paw-cawn" but nobody says it right but me.

Besides eating I love to read. My favorite book is the "Little Blue Engine Saves the Day." I drag my blanket around and read books and I am full of knowledge.
But I do other things besides reading, I love to sweep. I especially love it when my mom makes a pile of dirt with her broom and I get to scatter it back all over the floor with my broom. It is a game we play, but I don't think my mom understands sometimes.

This is a good shot of my hair before my mom cut it. It is pretty sweet, huh?

This is another way my dad chose to torture me. I couldn't move my arms, and I thought it was really funny for a little while. But then my parents made me take it off.

One day my mom was in a really good mood and gave me a sucker, the very first I have ever had. I got super sticky and my mom even let me have a lick of hers. Mine tasted better though.

I am also very social. My very best friend is Tommy. He lets me come over and play with his dog Diego. But when we are at my house, we have fun too. He taught me how to wear couch covers on my head like a hat. We love to yell and scream and chase each other. He is a great best friend.

So that is pretty much my life. I think it is a lot of fun. My mom says I am having a baby brother soon. I don't know what she is talking about, but if he is like Tommy, I think it will be okay. I just want to be able to sit on her lap again. But that is all from me for now. Have a nice day!


  1. You look so great for being so far along! Wow! It sounds like you have quite the happy home!

  2. Looks like Josh has a pretty good life!
    That picture of them with the couch covers is adorable. What a bunch of ragamuffins!

  3. Heehee! I love it. :) A great way to look at life from a kid's point of view. I should do that more often. Love the post, Cami.

  4. Josh, you sound like a great guy. Maybe we will get to meet someday! We really like your parents, we are glad you like them too.

  5. Oh how cute Cam!!! I love your life- Josh is so cute. Another BOY!!! How exciting that Josh will have a little brother. Congratulations!

  6. Yay for boys!!! Your hair is way cute. That was a great post.